About Sonic Tool Box


Sonic Tool Box is a Danish melodic rock band formed in 2013 by Lars Boutrup: vocals, keyboards, guitars and bass. Michael Miller: drums, percussion and keyboards. They both are former menbers of bands like Simcess (1984 – 1992) with albums like Play With Your Life (1988) The House (1990) and with Big Bang (1996 -2002) Baby Blue (EP) (1998) You´ve Gotta Move Me (EP) (2002).

After some years of playing in others bands like Sing Sing, Supernova, Jeep, Cleemann, Juruda Music and Baby Electric, Lars Boutrup and Michael Miller decided to make a new musical effort in making the new band Sonic Tool Box.

On their debut album ” In the Games Of Love” from 2014 they just played all the instruments themself plus taking care of art design production and mixing the album and releasing the album. The album ”In the Games Of Love” was released in May 2014 on Excess Records. (EXR 1207).

In 2015 and 2016 Sonic Tool Box has been working on new songs for the follow up to In the Games Of Love. The making of the follow up album ”A Space In Time” came out a little more surpricingly than Sonic Tool Box just thought.

In 2015 Sonic Tool Box got in contact with super axe man Kasper Damgaard 
( ex. Cornerstone with Doogie White ex. Rainbow) Kasper Damgaard has now finished recording his guitar parts on the new Sonic Tool Box album ”A Space In Time”.

New album out now: A Space In Time – released October 6, 2017.

New album out now!

A Space in Time album cover

Track list

1. Your New World Order
2. When You Go for the Rich
3. I Can Do It
4. Love Your Life
5. A Space in Time
6. Wonderful Time
7. I Leave it all Behind
8. A Light Song

Bonus track: Big Cigars (Instrumental)

Debut album

In the Games of Love album cover

Track list

1. In the Games of Love
2. It Works for Free
3. Blue Is the Sky
4. Love You
5. Clear Air
6. You Make Me Feel so Sad
7. Fallen In
8. The Ordinary Guy